Jul 18, 2005

Aditya urf Addi or Aadi

Talked to Aditya after a SUCH a looong time! It must have been more than 2yrs. Whenever we talk on a one-on-one basis it starts from "Aur kya chal raha hai?" and starts narrowing down to that one thing. We talk in code language, isharo mein... and then the talk starts to spread out again. It was a lot of fun talking to him though. Chatted for maybe an hour and a half online, and then talked on the phone for an hour. Both, his voice and style has changed. He has sort of a Punjabi accent. And janab itne religious hain (and I emphasize on the word "itne") mujhe to ehsaas hi nahi tha. Jeete raho bachcha!!

I need to start calling India often. Start earning a little money and setting aside some for these calling cards. Catching up with close friends is always fun, you always find something to talk about if both the speakers are open... and TALKATIVE!!

This song (altered frm the original "mere sapno ki raani") is dedicated to Aditya Singh urf Addi

tere sapno ki raani zaroor aayegi
shayad college mein koi doctarni mil jaayegi
swimming aur bball khel mr. padhaku
phir to kisi na kisi ko surat zarur bhaayegi ;)

Wish you luck!

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