Jul 17, 2005

Busy? You MUST think NOT!!

I think it's lazyness that keeps this blog from updating regularly. I mean, I love blogging... It's fun! Although, there may not be a lot of people - strangers or the known ones - who read whatever words I put together, but I do read them and man! am I a fan :D .....On that note, I also need to write a poem sometime soon. Have two lines in mind, but dunno where to go from there.

Apne badan ki khushbu ko meri pehchaan bana do
Chutki mein bhare sindoor se meri maang saja do

Heavy? Oh I know... VERY, VERY heavy!! But I want to go somewhere from here, I wanna add on to this and create something unusual, unique, out of the box! Like Gulzaar and Akhtar :)


  1. Visited ur poems blog earlier & came here !
    To sound like gulzarish u should be a bit mystical !
    but here ur start is a bit melodramatic!

    kishore ke is song ki yaad taaza ho gayi!

    Mere Dil mein aaj kya hai tu kahe to main bata doon
    Teri julph phir sawaroon teri maang phir saza doon

    Happy Blogging!

  2. You are right Manish, it is hard to even imagine some getting close to Gulzar. But setting high standards for one self is always good.

    Shoot for the moon, even if you miss... you'll land among the stars

    Thanks for your comment!

  3. Ye jyada shaana ban ne ki jarurat nahi hai. Wo sindur kisi movie ke gaane se churarya hua line hai. baat karti hai. :D ;)

  4. Ji aap ye kya keh rahe hain, humein kuch samajh nahi aa raha.

    And.. I'm sure it must have been in some movie shovie. Desi's ko aur kuch soojhta hai kya?