Jul 4, 2005

Happy 4th of July!

I like the way America celebrates it's Independence Day. Not talking about the present, but when they actualy declared their Independence on July 4th, 1776. Unlike India, they said that we are independent from this day on and fought the revolutionary war only after that day. Whereas Indians waited on the British to leave and looked upto them to tell them the exact day they would become independent. Not saying that what India did was wrong or stupid or anything, just liking the fact that America took the decision on it's own!

The state of Georgia has legalized burning firecrackers, but one can only purchase Georgia firecrackers, not any other state. I'm not looking forward to burning any, just watching some on TV.

Went to the movies yesterday. Watched four movies during a timespan of nine and a half hours. Didn't really like any of them. On a 1 to 10 scale I would rate them as follows...
War of the World 6/10
Batman Begins 8/10
Bewitched 7/10 (Not worth watching on the big screen - of course!)
Madagascar 5.5/10

Going to Nana-Nani's place tomorrow. Leaving early in the morning and will be coming back late at night. We'll probably go to the Lenox Mall... have something in mind, but let's see how that goes. Day before yesterday, after probably a month they both asked me what I want for my birthday (again). I thought the matter was over since they didn't bring it up for a long, long time after I resistant on asking for anything. The rest... is a mystery! ;)

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  1. omg..
    4 movies in 9.5 hours flat. thats a LOT
    I just saw one of them - Batman Begins at the IMAX n i can just say - It rocks at the BIG screen n is worth $4(thats INDIA - Whatsay?)