Jul 28, 2005

Mac OS theme for Windows

For the past couple of days I was looking up Mac OS theme for Windows XP. After a good amount of googling and going through several websites I came across FlyakiteOSX Finally, I can say that I have succeeded in my long quest. The theme works great! Looks great! Also, I came across www.stardock.com, the site has some great add on's. Check 'em out for yourself.

Thought about uploading another pic on my profile ;)

Empire State Building, New York - Summer 2003


  1. Hey, it's kinda weird seeing your NY pic go up on yur blog yesterday because yesterday I landed in NY lol.
    Anyway, to document the trip, I started another blog. I dunno how well it will turn up but you're welcome to have a poke around.
    Obviously there isn't much up yet cause I only reached last night but give it a few days and I will see what I can put up.
    The address is http://shiviny2005.blogspot.com
    Keep well.


  2. Long time Shivi. I'll check ur NY blog on a regular basis, I like pics :) and Travel journals are one of the best! Experiencing so much in so less time, time goes by quick without any pauses. Hope you enjoy your stay.