Jul 6, 2005


Nana Talks Sense
I'm sure this title "Nana Talks Sense" looks stupid because adults do talk sense, but you must re-read it after realizing the fact that I'm his granddaughter and a teenager. Looks different, doesn't it?

Well, I was at Nana-Nani's place yesterday (for my non-desi friends Nana and Nani are the words used for maternal grandfather and grandmother, respectively). He was talking about a lot of things that I think about myself. I always wonder why Papa never says those things out loud, things that are important for everybody's growth. But when Nana was making a similar statement, it made me feel good.

We saw Humdum at their place. It's ratings were pretty high, but it wasn't a type of movie that you would watch with your gradparents. The first half an hour made me wonder why viewers gave it over 7 points out of 10 on average, but after seeing the "The End" on the screen even I was in appreciation.

Road Names
All american streets have names, unlike India where it's a bit hard to find streets that do have names. Well today I amazed to see two street names...
1) McAfee Road - like that virus scanner
2)4705-334##-### - Yes! all numbers! no alphabets!

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