Jul 21, 2005

it's raining water

I must have used an umbrella after an year or so. Walked upto the mailboxes to check if our Blockbuster movie had arrived. The sky was covered with dark clouds, so took mom's advice and carried an umbrella even though I hate umbrellas. But I knew it would start raining long before my return and I really didn't feel like getting wet today, not with my clothes on ;)

The water started pouring down soon after I stepped out. I decided on running. Used the stupid upside-down "U" on my way back. Umbrellas hardly help when it rains hard or even when it doesn't. One of the only two hands is always occupied when one tries to save themselves from the beautiful, refreshing rain using an - you know what. When you walk, your shoes and the pants/jeans/skirt get wet anyways. I prefer jackets with hoods. They are much more convinient. Especially when you have crap to carry like bag and books.

1 comment:

  1. My car got wet inside. I had left the window a little open because it was so freaking hot. Damn!