Jun 15, 2004

Complicated life + Day2 at GHP

I am a little down today. Yeah I do know the reason. Nope! I’m not homesick, that’s never the case!! Anyways…

Today I did not do much, and I’m not planning anything either. I was late for breakfast, just had 2 bananas. Ate pasta and salad at lunch, & put some crackers in the pocket ;). Talked to mom and Hansag. Haven’t yet attended any of today’s orientations, am about to leave though. After the orientations I’m just going to read the book The One Minute Manager, which will probably take an hour and then I’ll go to that faculty recital. I know it will be fun, the only thing I’m concerned about is whether I’ll be able to enjoy it or not.

Why is life so complicated? I know we ourselves make it this way but there’s no way to straighten everything up either. After a really long time I wrote a 4 liner, and I actually like it. I like it! And it’s NOT about Mr. Flattered… it has nothing to do with Nem, and I like it, huh!

I just feel like listening to slow, sad, songs/gazals/oldies. If anybody who reads this blog has any such numbers in mind please leave me a message with the song name and singer/album. I’ll appreciate it a whole lot!

Oh, by the way… the library at Valdosta State is just awesome. In case you don’t know, Governor’s Honors Program is held at Valdosta State University in Georgia. This is really like a college experience and I’m glad I’m here.

Ok, so what is GHP? Hmm… tell or not to tell :-? How about this – you check out the official GHP site for now and I’ll explain it on my own if I feel like it, or if I have time, or if I’m not down, or some other time.

All of the students here are so smart god! I feel so stupid. I did get a compliment that I “sound” smart… well… hmm… interesting! And my roommate is great. Her name’s Katie urf Kate and she is majoring in Piano. Woohoo! I know a musician ;) and you all know a future Business women – Geetali Sharma who is majoring in Executive Management.

I attended the orientations for Fitness, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Technology yesterday. They all sound really fun. It’s really hard to decide which one to pick, but I think I’m going to put Soc Stud as my first choice, Tech as second, and Math as the third one. Science is also great. They’ll be doing Genetics, Forensics, Ecology, Anatomy, Chemistry, blowing stuff up and a lot more! Soc Stud is mostly discussion of a number of things such as Philosophy, American family life, the 1960s, Criminology, and the rest I forgot. In Tech we’ll be programming robots, learning AutoCad, making t-shirts and a few other things. Math is more on the fun side, well so is everything else, but in math they’ll teach us writing programs, doing mental math (and I mean LARGE numbers), playing chess, drawing tessellations, and you get the idea. Fitness is kachra!

Ok, gotta go now… later!

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  1. hi !! ...the 4 liner u wrote waz reli nice ...reflects some1 who was reli close and is not with u ...is it so ??