Jun 23, 2004

"I just need a cough syrup!"

I caught a cold because the computer lab is extremely cold and the weather outside is extremely hot!! So, for my cold I had been using Vicks VapoRub and Vicks Inhaler, also I had been eating Halls. Since I was coughing so much I decided on going to the Infirmary and getting a bottle of cough syrup. This 2 second job took 20+ minutes. I went there and simply said that I need blah blah. The lady at the front desk asked me to fill out some papers and then to wait for the nurse. I tried to emphasis on knowing what's wrong with me and what I need, but NO, I had to see the nurse according to her. Anyways, so I sat there for 2-3 mins and the nurse came out and mispronounced my name (like everyone else). I corrected her while getting up.

Before going inside she checked my weight. As we went inside a series of crazy questions began that had nothing to do with me getting a bottle of the syrup. "Have you ever had surgery? Have you ever had a fracture or a concussion? Do you have any allergies? Have you suffered from asthma? So, why are you here? When did you catch this cold? Have you been taking any medicines? What type of VapoRub? What is an Inhaler? Do you need anything for the cold?" She also checked my ears and how my lungs were working and my blood pressure and temperature. WHEW!! Finally, I did get what I needed and I fled the scene of boredom and unnecessary delay as soon as possible.

While I was getting this check-up done, Steven was sitting outside waiting for me. I didn't exactly know where the infirmary was so he directed me. Later that day we went to Yoga and to the movie together. Yoga was a little tiresome; the movie, Young Frankenstein, was awesome. I think they are playing Three Triplets of Belleville today, am planning on watching that one as well.

One good thing about GHP is that no matter what you need, no matter how much it costs, whether medical supplies or stationary items or food, it's provided to us GHP students at no cost whatsoever. VSU gets $1.5 million for this 6week summer program from the state of Georgia. We are a bunch of lucky kids!!

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