Jun 22, 2004

Indian movies/music is very popular at GHP

Life's back to normal? Really?? Hmmm...

Weekend was alright. Parents came over on Saturday, checked me out and I spent the night with them. Watched Hum Tum, it was an ok movie, not very great, not very bakwas. I missed the dance on Saturday, but heard that It wasn't a big deal. Coming Saturday's theme is "Super Heroes". I'm dressing us as "Desi Gal" ;)

Today we have a movie playing, don't know which one though. Will be going there with Steven, Brittany, hopefully Suban, and anyone we meet on the way :P. The movie's at 7. Yoga is at 4:30, I think I'll go there today and see what it's like. Tomorrow there's this dating game at 5:30, I signed up for it, let's see how that turns out to be ;)

Other than that, I don't have anything planned. I got started on reading the second book, How to become a CEO. The chapters are really really short, and the book sounds extremely interesting. I think I'm going to enjoy reading this. The due date for this book is June 29. We are also supposed to present what we read to the class. Only Andrew Johnson and I are reading this book, so we'll be teaching the class. It shouldn't be a big deal, the language is easy to understand and so is the concept.

We had a presentation today, but since a speaker had to come in only 3 people went. Kyle Campbell and I (we are working together) will probably go tomorrow. We researched Ted Turner - how he got started, how successful he is, what all the things he founded/started/bought/owned/owns etc. The presentation should be easy-breezy.

Oh! for the last two days I have not been eating lunch at Palms, isn't that great?! I had SUBWAY both the days, but I will go back to eating at Palms from tomorrow. The fun thing about Palms is sneaking things out ;). We are not allowed to take food outside, except icecream and yogurt. I put fruits and crackers in my back all the time. The thing is I hardly eat breakfast in the morning, and usually I get dressed late so it doesn't leave a lot of time to go in, get food, eat it, and stant in the line to put the trays away. So, I get these things the day before and while walking to West Hall (where my major is) I just eat an apple. In the break, I either get out another apple or munch on crackers. Today I was eating bhujia though. Some students asked me what it is, so I offered them some. They thought it was spicy. Haha!! I said, "Oh yeah, maybe. I don't even realize that, since I am so used to eating it." Only a few liked the way it tasted, whereas a lot of people on my hallway liked it when I was eating in on Monday evening.

I discovered that Sylvia, my next door neighbor at my hall, is very much interested in hindi movies and songs. I was so surprised to hear that she loves Mohammad Rafi's voice. There's another girl, Kwanza, that really really liked the movies Devdas and Lagaan. She was singing the songs O ri chori and Radha kaise na jale. She knew the words to them!!! Sylvia has 15 cd's of Indian music. I gotta borrow some from her!!

I better get going now. Gotta get to the gym for Yoga. Chao!


  1. oh btw, there is nothing like chao. Its spelled as ciao, hihi :D

    good work that you posted here today. Otherwise my day seems incomplete without reading what you are upto. :) Reading blogs seem to be my hobby these days. Apart from you, I always read the blog of my boss. http://jain.faculty.gatech.edu/blog/index.php

    I hope someday I will also have time, energy, patience and something good enough to brag about here in the world of blogs.

  2. you don't need to have something good to blog about, don't you see I write so much kachra here :|