Jun 29, 2004

"Don't you think she has a pretty little face"

"Don't you think she has a pretty little face" said Miss Suzie all of a sudden while looking at me. Kristen, Emily, and Tiffany had just finished presenting the book Who Moved my Cheese. She really liked their board and wanted to probably suggest something for the display but couldn't really think of anything. Kristen sits right next to me and she had the board with her. While trying to put it on the table for comments, it covered a little bit of my face, and that is when Miss Suzie complimented. :D

Yesterday, an RA read my palm. According to what she saw, I'm very independent, I'm pretty sure in what I want to achieve, and I'll be successfull in whatever I do. My love line is also very solid, I do not jump around in relationships, and before getting involved I think about it a lot. Seems like I'm going to have a long life. In short, a pretty good life :)

The dance on Saturday was not much fun in the beginning, but by the end it got pretty good. Since it was boring at start, Kyle, Steven and I went to the Georgia Hall and just chatted until we heard the song "my heart wheel go on" play. We ran outside, started singing, and then Kyle and I slow danced. After that, we pretty much stayed outside and danced (basically jumped and yelled, but called it "dancing"). I must say though, by the end it got pretty good. They didn't have many good songs this time, I'm probably going to post some hindi/punjabi music CDs tonight for the next dance.

I woke up at 12pm on Sunday. Got dressed, and watched Devdas with the girls on my hall. They liked it. I left in the middle to work on a project with Andrew, but found out that he was out with his parents, so I tried to research some good hindi movies for next Hindi Film Session. I didn't get anything except - DDLJ, Hum Aapke Hain Kaun?, and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai :-/ Later that day, they played Mouline Rouge. It was a pretty good movie. I did get tears in my eyes :(

My break's over now, gotta go.

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