Jun 18, 2004

Nobody knows and no one ever will...!!

Nobody ever knows what's going on in someone's head. Neither can this be guessed by how they act or what they write. I write a lot of crap in this blog when I have nothing to do and/or I'm bored, I just come here and start writing about things that I often wonder about. Only I know how I really feel about a certain situation or how I have changed due to a certain happening.

These days I'm back to writing "sad" poems, this does not mean that I am sad all the time or heartbroken. You know, the very first time that I wrote a depressing poem was not because somebody broke my heart, but was because I was about to do something of that sort to someone I knew. So, if after reading my poems you think that I am a "poor soul" then you are WRONG! DO NOT ASSUME ANYTHING. If you want to know something, clarify it by asking ME and only ME! Ofcourse, there is a chance that I'll refuse to talk to you about the topic, but you can't believe something that you hear from a third person. And you really can't say that what the person is saying is something that he really wants, because many times we make decisions not to make ourselves happy but to satisfy someone else. Every once in a while we have to sacrifice something we love for the sake of somebody who loves us. This does not mean that we want to leave it.

Please do not ask me to write "happy" stuff just because that is how I need to be. THAT IS WRONG!! If I need to cry I WILL CRY! Crying and writing whatever keeps my system clean. This is how I get everything out from inside that is bothering me. That is why my shayris blog's subtitle is "thoughts of the conscience and the sub-conscience mind." Althought I do not think of those things regularly or on purpose, they still are hidden somewhere inside me. I'm just getting them out!!

Geetali Sharma

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