Jun 16, 2004

GHP = nothing like school

Life at GHP is great! It's nothing like school. Yeah! we do get assignments and projects and classwork and dormwork and we do try our best to go above and beyond, but we do not get a grade for anything! All this for no grade, no scolding, no nothing!! Just being here marks us apart from everybody else. They keep on repeating that the 675 students present here at the Governor's Honors Program are the TOP 1% of Georgia's High School students. This is a great honor in itself. I'm thankful to Mrs. Brew for nominating me. and I am proud of myself that I made it through both the interviews. GO ME!!

Today at my major we made Stress Balls. We also had to come up with an advertisement for it. Amber and I are working on it together. The presentation is tomorrow. We'll be doing a skit. Also, I have to read The One Minute Manager tonight. I have only read the first page so far. The book is not long and at most should take only 1:30 hours. I will finish reading it if I choose not to play games or attend any seminars.

I met couple of other GHPers today. They are really fun. We started out playing Egyptian Rat Screw and then moved on to Uno, making up our own rules and eliminating whoever and however. Nick, Tarun, Robert, Derin, Steven, Joey, Emily, Kristen, Merissa, and I had pizza at The Loop in the University Union after the crazy game session. Pizzza was not that good.

The Faculty Recital that was held yesterday was so-so. My eyes were trying to fall asleep, but I had to keep them open. After the Recital I met a few other desis. Sameer Gupta, a guy with glasses and some other dude. The guy with the glasses is really polite and respectful, he's majoring in Theatre. Sameer and the other dude are Soc Studs. Today, I met 2 desi gals - Pooja (Math) and Sheila (Soc Stud, I think). The ABCDs here are so much nicer than the one's back at the school. I guess it's the "Top 1%" thing, who knows.

I finally signed up for Computers, Soc Stud, and Math for my minor. Desided on Computers because they'll be teaching Flash, Macromedia and all that sort of stuff, plus they'll be designing the GHP 2004 website. I'm kinda interested in all those things, plus designing the website is like leaving an impression. Students, Teachers, RAs, Faculty, Parents, everybody will check out the site from this year. Students who get nominated next year will also try to see what GHP is like through the site. So, I want to be a part of it :)

This Saturday we are having the Twin Dance. I haven't decided who I will be pairing up with. It doesn't really matter as long as you go there and have a good time. I'm hoping to meet great guys ;)... by the way, TP looks really good, so does SG and there's this other desi dude who looks kinda nice and seems to have a quite personality, I hope to talk to him soon :) and about TP, I didn't even see him until today, but pretty good for a first day meet :D

Nana and Nani are probably going to come see me on Friday. I'm gonna ask them to bring me some Bikaneri Bhujia and Haldiram mixtures. Other than that I'm not sure yet, but I will think of something soon!

I haven't been getting up early in the morning like I planned to so that I could run in the morning. Hmm.. let's see how tomorrow goes. I think I'll be attending the Yoga session tomorrow, just to see what it's like. The students who went yesterday said it was pretty vigrous and that they're not sure about the next time. Hmm.. interesting!

I guess I'll get back to my dorm now. Gotta read that book!!

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