Jun 17, 2004

I need Halls!

I had two ice-creams today and my throat does not seem to be good. I need Halls, will ask mom to get me a pack when she comes down here to see me on Saturday.

The presentation went well today. Mrs Suzie liked each and everyone of those. She has been saying since the first day of the program that this year she has a really good group, she can feel it. While commenting on our performances today she said, "This is just the beginning, you'll give even better as move on, and I am going to say, I loved this one. None of my past groups have ever done such a thing before." She expects quite a lot of us. I think even I'm willing to do my best in this case.

I do not remember what I had for lunch. But I do know that I did not eat everything :-?

Minors started today at 1:30pm, I got into Computers. Yup! We got a lot to do before the end of these 6 weeks. Learn quite a lot and then apply all that in the making of the website. It's gonna be fun, I'm sure! In the class first everybody introduced themselves - name, major, background, why they chose this minor, and something that they like about GHP. For the rest of the period, we first "played" sort of a bingo where they gave us a sheet which had 25 some things written on it. We were supposed to walk around and find people whose personalities it most likely matched. Whoever finished first got a Chik-fil-A meal. After this "fun" activity we aswered a few basic questions about ourselves, typed them up, took a picture and put that on the paper aswell, printed it out, placed it in a folder and then left as the class got over.

Later I went to my dorm, dropped my stuff on the bed and stormed downstairs to attend a seminar. Decided on playing spades. Won 436 to 76 - hahaha!! I'm the Best ;) While I was playing, my cell rang, it was mom. So, I was talking as well as trying to concentrate on the game. It went fine, we still won! Wooohooo!! Haha, I don't even know why I'm excited about this, it's just a game... and so is life. Winning, loosing sab chalta hi rehta hai.

Waise, life's not bad. Yeah, there are a few days that don't go well, but if one just continues to think about that and does not try to come out of his depression then he is hurting himself. Because sooner or later, everybody has to move on. Life changes man, and we need to change with it. Nothing stays still, 'cause if it did then there's no point in living. Not knowing what to expect in the future is what makes life exciting and adventurous. Plus, everything that happens, helps us learn a lesson. It may take a while to understand the meaning behind it, but it will come to us! Just keep smiling, and "hoping for the best".

Don't cry because it's over, but smile because it happened.

I simply love this saying. Gotta apply it too. It happened yaar, and it did happen for a reason. Yes, I did learn something, am not sure what, but I know I did. Do I want to move on? - NO! But, do I need to? - YES!! Do I want to forget what happened? - YES! But will I be able to? - NO!! ... So, remember it and cherish the memories forever. Yes, I will "<<.........>>" every now and then, he will too. IMH : jaane kyun.

I wrote another sher yesterday. I like that one too. Interesting, huh?? and man, you know, these are the sad sort of shers. Wow! dukh bhare geet hum phirse gaane lage. :O I just wrote another one, took me 4 mins, I like this one too. You know, even if I'm not sad or not smiling at the moment, I can still write something of that sort. Please don't think that I'm depressed and can't find to do anything, 'cause this happens with me all the time. Split personality sort of a thing, hmm :-?

Anyways, back to today. I will be going to the bedtime stories seminar today. Wear my nightsuit and walk to the Mezz in my slippers and listen to them. So cute na. Then I'll go to bed, probably wake up early in the morning. By the way, Nana-Nani are coming to see me tomorrow. So, right after my major I'll give them a call to see where they are. Oh my god! This means no Palms meal tomorrow... WOOHOOO!!! Nani's bringing me bhujia, yippy!! I love eating bhujia with bread, kya bindas maal hai, kasam se. Try it sometime!

Ok man, I better get going. Gotta get ready for the stories :D
Good Night! Shubh Ratri! Shabba Khair! Buenos Noches!

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