Mar 23, 2005


After writing my last blog about that 4yr old case, I heard on the news about a guy in Minnesota who took his grandfathers' gun to school after killing both the grandfather and the grandmother and shot 10 people at school, including himself. Don't know what the reason was, but wow... life's really so uncertain.

So, has anything of interest happened lately? Hmm... I don't remember much except that I have a good long term memory (I guess). I was looking at the board and noticed the date 3-21-05. I kept on staring at it, and saying to myself, "that looks familiar. Something is on this day!" Looked at it for a couple more minutes and exclaimed to myself, "It's Rani Mukherji's Birthday!" That was not it though. After a little while, I remembered. It was also Mr. Shook's daughter's b'day. How do I know this? Well, last year he mentioned that his daughter was born on a very interesting date - March 21, 2000. You can also write it as 3-21-00. Notice the numbers? They are in decending order - 3210. Yeah! Saw Shookie later in the day and asked him how the b'day went :) He was surprised!

School has been alright, nothing exciting. In programming, we can't use C++ anymore because the compiler that we use does not have all the needed functions in its library (or something of that sort). So, we are switching to HTML now. Did a bit of that at GHP. Since we are just starting and doing the basic stuff, I know it all. HTML is pretty easy, I should say. It's cool that we can create an entire website out of scratch, that too while only working in the greenroom. It gets boring after sometime though.

About Janki and Nirali... it's the same as before. No questions from their side as to why I left their company and of course no such talk from my side either. I know that they must have talked about it amongst themselves and this shows in the way they now act. Seems like, Janki feels awkward while talking to me (atleast that's what her facial expressions imply) and Nirali, well well, her's is a totally different story. I have two classes with her - Trig and Stats. We see each other? Oh yeah, of course! Do we talk? No! Smile at each other? I do, however, I don't recall her doing so. Hmm... so what's the matter? Who knows, all I can assume (which I should not because I do not know what's going in her head. Plus, I hate when people just assume crap, without hearing the other person's side of the story) is that since I left, without even saying a word, or giving an explanation, they find it rude (I would too). But hey, they didn't see it coming. How long did they think I would take up their crap and just sit there, stare at their Gujju blabering faces, and not do anything. I went along for 7 months, didn't I? Now, If they think talking about soap operas I don't even get at home, or talking about movies that I haven't even heard of is more important than taking care of a "friend" well then... they won't make many friends, now will they? Except of course, if their friends also see the soap operas (throwing away time and getting happy, sad, depressed, cranky, feeling everything for dumb characters in a stupid show! I mean, isn't your life enough of a roller coaster that you want to sit in somebody else's seat?).

Well, back to the happy me :) My birthday's less than a month away (hey, hey, hey!). I'll be eighteen! I can spell that too... wooohooo!!

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