Mar 15, 2005

The amazing world of mine...

The following students please come to the attendance office…
Michael Jackson
Jennifer Lopez
James Bond

Surprised? Yeah, I was too, and so was everybody else in my Stats class. It turns out we have students by the names of Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, and James Bond enrolled at our school. So, Eagle’s Landing High is not very far away from stardom, or at least the school is “educating” famous names of the entertainment industry. -- Whatever! -- But, it’s just wrong to name your child James Bond (or Michael Jackson for that matter) because he/she is definitely going to be made fun of. Such parents should be imprisoned!

Lunch, makes me fill my tummy, oh lunch!
Recently, I have joined a different group at lunch. I had been sitting with Nirali and Janki ever since this school year started. In the beginning I used to feel bad (but not say much) when they talked in Gujrati (not in Hindi or English), knowing that I do not understand the language. Over the weeks, I started mentioning this, and it got better. We started enjoying each others company, and even shared food without any hesitations. But for the past some weeks, they have again started showing their disrespectful behavior. After a while, I just decided to move on, and not care about being “nice” and sitting with other Desi FOBs. I moved to the table where Pavan, Miles, James, and sometimes Iara sits. Sitting with these folks is much more intellectual and rewarding than those two because all Nirali and Janki ever talk about is Hindi soap operas (btw, I do not even get those shows!! So, this an example how immature they are).

What’s even worse is that they have not even asked why I moved. Clearly, they don’t care. So, I’m finally being selfish, and doing what I think is right for me :)

Spring is coming!
The naked tree branches that I had been observing and admiring for the past couple of weeks (maybe months), now have thousand and thousands of flowers. A week ago they didn’t have a single sprout and now all the branches are covered! It’s not the case with all the trees, but these particular ones that are planted on the dividers inside our apartment complex. I was amazed to notice such a huge difference in just 7 days.

Do UFOs exist?
This is what I’m writing my research paper on for English. The paper is due after the spring break (and I have my school going on for now, just making clear to those who somehow got the idea that I’m on a break right now). I got started on the research and discovered this site that has personal stories about encounters with aliens and UFOs. Don’t know how true or false these stories are, but they sure are interesting. Read them if you like at


  1. I don't know about extraterrestrials, but I do believe in ghosts.

  2. Any personal experiences with ghosts?

  3. Well, it might have been a dream.
    My mom and I were spending the night by my grandfather when I was a young boy. He owned a gas station and it was right next to the house he lived in. So anyway, that night, my mom went to bathe and I snuck outside to the gas station. It looked really cool lit up by the moonlight. This old model car ... like 1930's model....drove up and 2 people came out. One was a man and he was holding a pistol and he stood by the car like a bodyguard or something, and the other was a woman, and even though I had never seen her before I just knew that it was my grandmother who had died when I was less than a year old. I got frightened and I ran upstairs to the room where I slept and she followed me upstairs. She never spoke to me, and she just disappeared from the room, but the next morning there was this strange mark on the ceiling I had never noticed before. Noone else seemed to notice it as new or strange and I was never quite sure if it was real or if i dreamt it so I never said anything...but it seemed so real...and it has remained to me with this day.
    So, that is my story. I can't swear I didn't dream it, but that is the reason I believe in ghosts.

  4. I was at my mother's uncle and aunt's place once (kinda like my grandparents, and their kids being my uncle and aunts). It was summer time and we decided to sleep on the roof (this was in India). Nobody was sleepy so we were talking about all sorts of things and the ghost topic also came up. My aunt was telling us how her uncle and aunt once called the spirits and something like that, don't remember much about all that, but I was really enjoying listening to her. Well, after a while I heard someone asking us to sleep since it was very late, the only catch in that is that nobody in the entire house was up except us. This was confirmed the next morning. Now, it could be that listening about such things made my mind create a ghost or a spirit of its own, but hey hey this is my tini-tiny story. And about believing in ghosts... my brother says he has to see one to believe in it, but he doesn't want to see one! I don't want to see one either, but again, since I haven't seen one I'm a little skeptical. I would like to stress on the word LITTLE.

  5. I have experienced death before, not sure about ghosts though. My grand mom tells us stories about how her parents used to go and offer food to ghosts in the night and in return got lot of gold coins n stuff! I don't know what to believe and what not. But yes, experiencing death is also a unique experience. I have almost seen myself dying and was in that state for around 10 seconds though it seemed like hours.


  6. You know that I'm happy to see you alive mr. a ILU :* balki kehna chahiye... aap hain to hum hain, ab zindagi mein bas rang hi rang hai.