Mar 19, 2005

Kiss na!

Nana-Nani had a Satyanarayan Katha at their house today. For which MausaJi and Anuj bhai came down here yesterday. The pooja was supposed to start at 10am, but we are total Indians. Nana is very punctual, but it doesn't help much if all the others are slackers. We got their after 11:30 and that's when everything got started. MausaJi was expecting it to finish within an hour, but we kids know our Nana. It took almost three hours, as I suspected. MausaJi and Anuj bhai left for Charlotte around 6pm.

After coming back home I started watching Kisna, a movie I had been wanting to see for a long time. Had read some reviews about it and expected it to be a pretty good movie. I got impressed a number of times, loved Isha Sharvani (she is so damn flexible). Got a little bio online...
Isha is 20 years old who lives at an ashram in Kerala, India. She is trained in gymnastics, martial arts, yoga, ballet, kathak, aerial dance etc. She started dancing at the age of seven and has already performed in 22 countries in the last seven years. Her mother is of Indian-origin, Daksha Seth, dancer by profession. Her dad is Australian, Vissaro, a composer by profession. She has been named by her mom (first name) and aunt (last name). "Isha" means goddess, and "sharwani" means Parvati = Goddess Parvati. She originally intended to a vet by profession, but couldn't bear the thought of injecting and hurting animals. She received an email from Subhash Ghai's office, who were looking for an actress with some knowledge of dancing, to act in Bollywood movies. She and her mom went to Bombay to visit Subhash Ghai, and an year later she was signed as the female lead in "Kisna" opposite Vivek Oberoi. There are already two other "Ishas", named Isha Koppikar, and Esha Deol in Bollywood.
She didn't have much of an acting role, but whatever small scenes were shown of her were simply fabulous! Vivek Oberoi was looking alright, sometimes I like him, sometimes I don't. Antonia Bernath, Oberoi's love interest, sometimes looked good. The movie was boring at times, but overall I liked it (sigh)! Some scenes were copied off other movies, but the overall story is really good.

It made me wonder, can two people who are madly, deeply in love with each other, afford parting because that's what they HAVE to do, live a normal life, get married, have kids, and yet only belong to that one person they fell in love with. I don't know, I don't think I'll be able to do that. Somehow, I'll always feel that I'm betraying no one else, but myself. Maybe I'll change my mind after I grow up a little more.

Anyways, watch the movie if you get a chance. Watch with someone you never want to let go of, so that when tears roll down your cheeks, somebody's there to hug you and to say, "Kiss kya? " :)

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