Mar 3, 2005

more on my laziness...

Sleeping A LOT is also a sign of laziness. Not doing homework at home, either finishing up hurridly in different classes and not paying attention to what's going on there or copying it off somebody else's paper is a result of laziness. Just lying on the couch and watching TV, saying no when your brother asks you to go to the gym just because you are "tired" and avoiding as many household chores as possible are some other signs of laziness.

And here's something to increase your general knowledge - I've been doing all of the above for the past couple of days now.

Now some other happenings
My hatred for Schernekau is increasing day by day, but I'm trying to overcome it. God, give me strength!! Shirley admitted that I'm doing much better this semester compared to the last one. I've also been going to him for questions (that later turn out to be calculation mistakes).

Trigonometry is same as before, only "a bit" more screaming and pulling of hair involved. Nopes, not hard, just that Harrison is bombarding us with formulas, and formulas, and more formulas. Have a quiz tomorrow, but luckily not over all of the crap - whew! You know, Harrison has started looking at me as if I'm "actually" smart. I don't know it could be just me thinking that way, because Janki said something like, "Harrison likes smart people. I'm not doing too well there so she avoids me." And later that year she said, "I have an A average now, she likes me." I didn't really believe her back then, but you know it could be true. It's not that Harrison's attitude towards "unsmart" people is any different, but you can notice a slight difference in where her eyeballs land while analyzing something and/or talking about general stuff.

Physics is notes, notes, all the time. And programming the exact opposite. When Washington says, "Do this worksheet out of the book" it means, "Just take the stupid sheet, I have some emails to read you idiots. And yeah, don't bother digging the books to find the answers, there isn't anything in there anyways. I'll give the answers tomorrow. Now get busy talking!!"

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