Mar 25, 2005

Holi Hai !!

Wishing all a very happy Holi, the Hindu festival of colors.
If you would like to learn about the festival go to


  1. hey ms. Geetali,
    do they celebrate Holi in Georgia?
    did you play Holi this year?

  2. Yup, they did the bonfire thing and played Holi in a mandir around where I live. But it's nothing compared to India (don't know if you have seen the Indian Holi). I've never been to this mandir during Holi time, but have heard that they play with shaving cream... interesting, huh?

  3. Well, I have never seen Holi in India, but we do celebrate down here in Trinidad. I used to play alot when I was younger but since my cousins started going abroad to college etc, it isn't as much fun anymore. The shaving cream thing is new to me too though.

  4. The best thing I enjoyed about Holi (in India) was throwing water baloons at complete strangers... and not getting sued for doing so either :)

    Aaah! Those were the days!