Mar 20, 2005

What lies behing my eyes?

Found the link to Quizilla at Prasoon Gupta's blog. He wrote that whatever the quiz said about him was very true, same was the case here. I would say, all of it is true!

In your eyes, people see life... You see yourself as just an average person! You enjoy life, love wildlife, but also enjoy time with those who know you best. You like to get outdoors and let your mind wander over all of the mysteries god gave to you. You don't really have a certain sanctuary because you're so well-rounded, but you like having fun and adventures, but can also be found sitting quietly about, reading a book. You have a pretty good life ahead of you, never trade it for anything else :)

1 comment:

  1. do u wish u were making out with the cartoon....dude ur nasty