Mar 8, 2005

These parents, I'm telling ya!

Man, don't these parents ever understand anything? Why are they always so eager to make decisions for us? Caring and responsible parents are a necessity to have because they really do make up our character by deciding early on which school to send us to and many other such important decisions. But, when kids think that they are old enough to make decisions for themselves, then why not let them do so? Yes, there is a possibility that their kids are thinking wrongly about being able to decide things for themselves, maybe their brains are betraying them, after all teenagers are crazy and they ALWAYS make stupid choices. But for that matter, kids are kids, not at all mature enough to think straight. Unfortunately, us kids will never ever reach the age of possible maturity, because we always are lacking 20 some years of experience. Parents are the best, huh?!

The above paragraph is for every fight that one may have with his/her parent(s). What I'm here to write about today is, "Why do sometimes parents propose a question, give a choice, and decide that the option we chose is worth throwing out the window?" I mean, if you want to do what you want to do, then please don't even make us happy (and later pissed) by rejecting our decision.

Last week (more than once) mom asked both, Hansag and I, whether or not we want to go to NC on March 12, which is a Saturday. First of all, I don't like going to NC at all. Whenever we go there for a happy visit, all these BIG plans are made, but it's all talk, we don't ever do anything! Hansag usually gets excited whenever a plan for NC is made, only in the hope of meeting Neeraj and Anuj bhai, and probably having a better time than all the past visits. March 2005 visit is a completely different story though. I guess (rather know) that it would be nice for us to be there, but more importantly it would be an awkward situation. Not writing more about the issue. Just that, I would rather be here finishing up my work and studying for the f***ing AP/Honors classes I'm taking, rather than wasting the entire weekend in traveling and later being tired due to the 4-5 hour drive (both ways).

God, help me!


  1. this is ridiculous! I just can't know why these parents want to become like a pain in their kids' life and then they will say "bade ho gaye hain to kuch to bhi karege". Really it pisses me off like anything! but you stay cool and calm coz you gotta enjoy your life no matter what!


  2. We become a little bit too harsh on our parents sometimes, don't we? Yes, everybody gets a little (often A LOT) annoyed with their parents, but we also gotta understand that they are here (and will never step back) for us. We are, after all their kids, we are a part of them, they made our existence possible! The only reason we don't like them deciding everything is because we have an individual identity. Yes, they know this, but kya karenge control nahi ho pata hoga na. :D I know, I'm taking their side now, but hey I'll be a parent someday, will probably (hopefully not often) do the same thing. Preparing ahead in time :P