Mar 7, 2005

aaila :O

Recieved a mail from Divya Masi today. They have gotten transferred to my hometown - Delhi, Dilli dilwalo ki ;). Mishkin will be attending DPS and Venu called back from Nainital next year. After reading the abbreviation - DPS - my expression was... ":O wow!" and I started thinking how he could have gotten into that school. Well two option...
1. either Mishkin miya is very intelligent
2. or
(something that is more likely to happen) baap bada na bhaiya, sabse bada rupaya!
It's good that he'll be attending DPS, but I was laughing at the same time. Couldn't stop myself from recalling that "porno" incident of that mahaan school.

Delhi is a great place, seriously. Miss every minute of that city. Yeah, I'm biased in calling Delhi a great city, because it is the city where I was born and raised. A city where I made my first and everlasting friendships. Where I learned everything! I knew where to go for what, which bazaar is famous for what item. India is my mother, but Delhi probably my Identity. People say that I'm not a pakki Delhite, have quite a bit of UP in me, but even then, Dilli is my dil!

And I can never forget my Xavier's, the school that made me grow, that has seen me grow. Didn't learn my alphabets at Xavier's, Playway gets away with that credit, but Xavier's taught me how to change those alphabets into words, sentences, paragraphs, essays, and then a reflection of myself. That school, those teachers, those buildings, that canteen, those tennins/basketball courts, swimming pools, playgrounds, those assemeblies, picnics, jokes, friends, classmates... haaye! - memories! melodies! fragrance!

I miss my duniya, I miss my world! I still love it, I still remember it. I miss my crazyness, I miss my perky behavior, I miss the energy I used have inside of me, I miss the motivation. I miss myself yaar, I just miss myself.

Well, it's all good though (I guess). I mean, I was so childish back then. Always jumping around, teasing people, making them cry (:D), and then making them smile again. But you know, I wasn't this Geetali, while there. I became Geetali "the thinker" Sharma after coming to this land of different races - USA.

Changes take place for good, right?

Yeah, it's true that I miss what once belonged to me, but I recall the memories, I sing the melodies, and I smell the fragrance every time I think of that beautiful world left behind.


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