Sep 26, 2004

4th Annual International Fashion Show/Luncheon

Event: 4th Annual International Fashion Show/Luncheon
Venue: 40 Courtland Street
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Date: September 25, 2004
Time: 11:30am
Although Mrs. Brew asked me to dress casually and change into my outfit once I got to the hall, I reached there wearing the suit, but with a long jacket to cover everything. For the first time ever I wore mom’s earrings and a necklace. I don’t own anything of my own when it comes to jewelry or even Indian outfits.

Papa drove me there at the speed of 55mi/hr (even when we were already late) because he was talking on his cell (something that he loves to do). I was looking at the speedometer again and again, trying to hint him to go a little faster. We reached around 12pm (sounds late, but really wasn’t). I went straight to the dressing room, talked to other models, took a few pictures, had pasta from the vegetarian box specially ordered for this Indian gal who doesn’t eat meat. While eating I remembered how that is what I ate everyday while at Valdosta (GHP). That was also because of Brew (she’s the one who nominated me, and I’m glad she did!).

There were a total of 5 International models, representing Africa, India, Philippines, Scotland, and Vietnam. I went out barefoot, because I did not have matching sandals. Mom did give me a pair that weren’t my size. They would have been fine if I had to wear them for a little while, only they were too high heels for me. I’m not used to wearing heels, I was afraid I’d fall down, plus, I’ve decided not to wear heels at all, reason being my Jahan :)

The description that I provided for what I was wearing wasn’t that long, but the Mistress of Ceremony was saying it real slow and adding her comments in the middle. So, I not only walked slow and turned around a couple of times, I also walked almost all across the room with taking long pauses. It was muy fun! After my walk I had a seat where Papa and other people known to Brew were sitting.

Took more pictures after everything was over and then left to go to Nana’s place.

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  1. Does that mean you didnt take mom and Hansag there with you? I guess they would have been happy to see you going places !!

    and ya, maybe you should have recorded a video of all this. That would have been fun ;)