Sep 4, 2004

Temptation 2004

Event: Temptation 2004
Venue: Gwinett Civic Center, Duluth
Date/Time: Friday, September 03, 2004; 9:00pm
It was very crowded when we got there. The line to get in was neither a linear nor a short one. Inside individuals could be seen talking on their cell phones, looking for whomever they came with or conversating with each other. While standing outside, waiting for Dad to get tickets, I was running my eyeballs around and caught a glimpse of Kavita. Once we got in I also saw Iqra and her cousins. These are just a few people from school.

All right, the hall was packed. We had $55 tickets, so we were way up in the air. You all know how punctual we Indians are… the concert started at 9:45 (not as late as I expected). It started out with everybody coming out one by one, dancing on some song tracks from their individual movies. First came Priyanka Chopra, then Arjun Rampal, Priety Zinta was next followed by Saif Ali Khan, and Rani Mukherji came right before Shahrukh did. Cheering could be heard for each of these stars, but the hall was roaring louder than ever when we saw Shahrukh Khan, the King of Bollywood cinema, playing his violin with his back towards us. He turned around and once again the hall went wild.

A small musical was performed by them titled “Kal Ho Na Ho, Parso To Hoga Hi”. It was about two girls and two guys dreaming about getting married to somebody rich and spending the rest of their lives in luxury – a typical Hindi movie type play. It was really funny at times.

Priyanka Chopra sang a few songs and mashalllah her voice is so good. I do not think she’s that great an actress; in my opinion she should try her hands at singing. Saif played his guitar and asked for a few ladies and a few girls to come on the stage and just dance to his music. Arjun Rampal did some of his Karate (or whatever it was) and called a girl up on the stage to teach her the same in three minutes. Rani and Preity did a dance on a remix of “Jiya Jale” and “O Humdum Sunio Re”. I really liked their performance. SRK was simply fabulous. He called two people on stage (a male and a female). At first Radhika, the female that went up, was a bit nervous but after that she started flirting with Shahrukh. Her facial expressions were priceless! The guy, Bhawesh, had a dream seven days ago that we would dance with SRK, on this Shahrukh said, “shouldn’t you be dreaming of naked women.”

We got out around 2am and reached home around 3 (I think). In the morning I woke up after 1pm and just read my “Wuthering Heights” for the entire day, with working a bit on my trig.

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