Sep 24, 2004

Saturday's a busy day!

I've finally decided to go to that "kavi goshthi" after all. It's this Saturday (Sept 25) at Shiv Mandir. The last time I attended, I was the youngest one there, and the only one with poems of my kind (that's love-shove). I'm not sure whether I'll recite one this time or not (although I'm pretty sure Nana will make me). Will see which one sounds appropriate for the audience that are way older than I am.

Also, there's the Fashion Show that Mrs. Brew's Church organizes on the same day. Starts at 12pm. Last time I wore Himali's Ghaghra Choli, but when I was looking at the pictures today, I didn't like the way I looked in that. So, this time I'm wearing Mom's suit (which I wore for the first time last Diwali, and the pic looks jhakkas!).

Next week is our Homecoming. Hall decorations are this Saturday and the theme for our class is "Survivor" (we are doing reality TV this year). I won't be able to help out though, got other things taking place (as mentioned above). The days for next week goes as follows...
Monday - PJ Day
Tuesday - Twin Day
Wednesday - Tacky Day
Thursday - College Day
Friday - Spirit Day (Senior Toka Day)
Dunno, I'm not really excited this year (could be coz I wouldn't be helping out much). I'm sure our class will do a fabulous job on the hall. Era Langford is the Spirit Coordinator for the class, and she's very artistic with tons of good ideas.

Anyways, got a Physics Quiz tomorrow.


  1. well i know you write poetry, but sadly, i don't read Hindi. So, if you ever write something in English, gimme a look. I don't really write poetry but recently I was inspired twice, and they're on the blog if you ever get interested. Umm..what else? Oh yeah, how did you get another week off already?! I'm stuck in school till a week before Xmas and that sucks. Although I do have a few days off between the end of this course and the start of the next, but it isn't quite the same thing. Have fun back at school!

  2. What is homecoming? I saw in my calendar I too have something like that but I have no clue what it is !