Sep 26, 2004

At Nana-Nani’s House

While on the way, I gave Nana-Nani a call, but no one answered. Found out they were shopping at Bombay Bazaar when tried on the cell. To pass time papa dropped by somebody’s store to talk to him while I sat in the car, bored.

To cut time, first I took some pictures of myself (which turned out pretty good, keeping in mind I was my own photographer), then talked to Hansag and Mom on the phone a little, and finally had the sandwich from the vegetarian box that I did not have before (it was pretty good).

Once we got to the house, Nani asked us to eat but I wasn’t hungry. While, Nana-Nani, and Papa had lunch I started watching “Mujhse Shaadi Karogi.” It’s a time pass movie, and has some cheap jokes. Every now and then Nana was criticizing it. After a while I was left home alone when the three adults went to see an apartment. I finished watching the movie and then got onto watching the news. They came back around 6:15pm and we left for the Kavi Goshti at Shiv Mandir after everybody (except myself) had tea.

PS: Nani was pretty impressed with the suit I was wearing. Reason being I do not wear such things often and of course that I don’t own any!

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