Sep 7, 2004

Dreams do come true

I’ve always dreamed of not going to school. No, no, don’t get the wrong impression. I really like school and I would rather live at school than home but I’ve always dreamed of not going to school when every other school in the area is off. Like today, Atlanta area schools were declared closed due to the weather. Clayton County schools were closed as well, but not Henry County. I live in Henry and Clayton is right next-door.

Even when I was in India Xavier’s was never closed due to extreme weather conditions, when the other schools that were on the same road – Raj Niwas Marg – were often off. In US, Henry County schools have hardly ever been declared closed unexpectedly. Today was an exception.

Hansag and I got ready for school, but we both had been watching the news. Our eyes fixed on the bottom left hand corner of the screen where the names of schools and counties were being shown which had declared “no school” for September 7, 2004. As always we didn’t see Henry County Schools on the list. So, we got in the car and heard “Henry County” on the radio. Not sure what it was about we went to school and only there found out that finally my dream had come true.

Four day weekend, three-day week, and then an entire week off! Am thankful to god, because I still need to study for my Government test (which was today).

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