Sep 16, 2004

Changed in one day!

Nana is not that bad after all. At first I was really mad that why in the world does he want me to come over to his place and get my "mathematical concepts" cleared. There was nothing that I needed help with; but after coming back I wouldn't say that I do not want to go back.

He is a Math Professor; he has taught at Delhi University and other institutions in the United States and Trinidad and Tobago. Of course, he knows what he's doing!

The first thing I thought right after he said his first word in getting started was - aah! He's pretty good. And this was way before we started talking about any of the things I'm doing or have done in the past two or three years.

I'm a changed person... and when it comes to Nana - it's a huge change!


  1. Hey, that's cool. You actually know someone who lived in Trinidad. Hope he has lots of nice things to say about us. We're mellow folk and notwithstanding all the stupidness us citizens do, God has blessed us. Hurricane Ivan passed right over us, and we didnt get much rain at all. On the satellite photos you can see where the clouds parted right over Trinidad. It was amazing....miraculous in fact. Anyway, one day when you're heading your multinational corporation, come give us a visit. We're not all that touristy (negril, in jamaica, is the best place for that I have ever been) but you can see what us trini indians have been able to build up and how our culture might be different to what you are used to. Shivee.

  2. Yup! Even my mom lived there for a while. I plan on visiting some day. ;)

  3. Ohhh, I so could use some math help. I think that I'm so bad at it, it's too embarrassing to ask for help:( Why do we have to study math, why?!