Sep 5, 2004

Kyun? Ho Gaya Na…

I saw a Hindi movie after a really long time and oh lord it was so worth it. “Kyun? Ho Gaya Na…” starring Aishwarya Rai and Vivek Oberoi is about two very different people – Diya and Arjun.

Diya (Aishwarya Rai) believes in love and does not want to marry somebody she does not know. She believes, “pyar ko waqt ki nahi, ek lamhe ki zarurat hoti hai (love does not require time, it requires just a moment).” On the other hand, Arjun (Vivek) does not have the words “love” or “defeat” in his dictionary (pyar and haar Arjun ki dictionary mein nahi hai). He is ready for an arranged marriage and has asked his mother to choose the right girl for him.

Diya falls in love with Arjun, and Arjun’s parents have chosen Diya to be Arjun’s bride. Neither Diya nor Arjun know about this. On Discovering that Diya loves him, Arjun panics because he never saw Diya that way. Diya, who had been living with Arjun’s parents in Mumbai and preparing for exams, decides to leave when she finds out that Arjun does not have feelings for her.

Arjun goes to Diya’s town to say sorry and he too starts liking her, but Ishaan asks Diya’s hand in marriage and Arjun is heartbroken. In the end all's well.

There are many funny parts in the movie, I often found myself rolling on the floor. There are many emotional parts as well. Aishwarya Rai is looking gorgeous; I love her hairstyle. Vivek is extremely handsome. They look really cute together!

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