Sep 26, 2004

Kavi Goshti

Event: Kavi Goshti
Venue: Shiv Mandir at Global Mall
Date: September 25, 2004
Time: 7:00pm

We were 15 minutes late (surprising because Nana is very punctual). Not a big deal though, because we were one of the first one’s there. In the car I told Nana and Nani that I won’t recite anything just because I did not find anything good enough (when in actuality I was afraid how the older generation will react to my being so romantic at such a tender age – hehe!). I even told the lady that I wasn’t going to sit on the manch (stage) and I was only a shrota (listener) this time.

I was worried for no reason at all, because even the one’s up there were reciting some love poems (of course of a different level than my own). After listening to a few of theirs I decided to take the microphone in my own hands. I didn’t take anything with me, so I was looking at the audience while saying the words and not at a sheet of a paper or a notebook. I got everybody’s attention when I started and people were looking right at me (waah! waah!). I was trying to remember a few other poems of my own but couldn’t (which is sad, coz I was really in the spirit). Anyways, I recited a total of 3 poems (two four-liners, and one a little longer one) – khubsoorat si hawa chal jaati hai..., Adhoore Hain Hum!, and Ishq Cheez Hi Aisi Hai.

After everything was over and we started getting food a couple of people came up to me and said things like….
“It’s nice to see that the new generation shows intersect in such things (Hindi literature). Very well done!”
“Beta, I heard you last time also and I must say you are really good. If you write this well at this age, you are really going to do something when you get older. Don’t stop writing.”

A really old lady was also there who has met and worked with Shri Hariwansh Rai Bachhan and two other really well known Hindi poets. She called me up to her and told me that I was good and that I should keep on writing. It felt really good when she talked to me.

It always feels good when somebody says that I write well and that I should keep on writing. Yeah! Maybe I should.

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  1. Geetu!
    I've been checking the wrong section of your Blogger for the past weeks and I thought, why isn't she posting anything?! Now that I've found this, it was cool to read again. About the writing, Your writing was good enough to get me to take a 20 mintute walk;)
    But its too bad I don't understand Hindi enough to fully understand them. Anyways Geetu, it was nice to visit your posts. It's been a while:) Have a good week.