Sep 26, 2004

Back to the House!

Got back to Nana-Nani’s and took some pictures (people must really love me, all of them are taking pictures – including me :P) Although, Papa wanted to leave right away (it was after 10) I asked him to stay a while coz I wanted to ask Nana a couple of questions about Math (I'll do some problems and see whether I get his way or not. He explained it pretty well though).

We headed home after that and gave Hansag a call when I could see Atlanta on my left hand side. It was 11:40 then in the microwave watch. Papa said it would take us 20mins to reach home, I said 30, and Hansag's prediction was of 40mins. We reached home at exactly 12:10 (I won!) even when, Papa drove at 65mi/hr (remember the morning? 55mi/hr!), once took the speed a lot higher to overtake a car and see the TV screen they had in the car, and didn't even check the mail (which is like his 2nd favorite thing in the world besides talking on the cell).

Hansag had Pizza and Pepsi, I shared his Pep and had a small slice of pizza myself and watched "Starsky and Hutch." Went to bed around 3, woke up after 1 in the afternoon.

Am gonna do some HW now, adios!


  1. so you took out pictures of you modelling huh? that is great cause i am a nosy little boy and i want to see them :-P. So please put them up on the blog. thank you in advance.

  2. You know what saga boy, this gal is really too rude ! I bet she would never send any of her pics to anyone. I too asked her for some of her pics and as expected she declined my request. And another time she told me to wait for couple of years, can you imagine dude??


  3. i see. well let's hope that she is changing then lol. I mean she obviously puts up pix on the net. I have seen pics on her blog when she was cooking and I have seen pics from when she was at GHC on yahoo pictures or something like that, so....please please please ms geetali. lol.

  4. hey Ms. Sharma. how you been? you haven't posted in a little while so I just wanted to say I hope everything's cool. Keep well. Shivee.

  5. hey,

    Geetali has taken sanyaas from this wordly things. You won't get to see much of her for quite sometime now. She will be back with a bang, but you gotta wait !

    -Anshu !

  6. lol ok cool scene. i'll go work on developing my patience. keep well geetali, and to you also ms. anshu.